We Strive To Make Your Pet Thrive

Australian Veterinary Hospital

Making your precious pooch looking the Best !



A grooming session at Australian Veterinary Hospital leaves your pet looking and feeling great!


Our groomer is trained with years of experience.  Professional grooming offers many benefits including keeping your pet's coat, skin and ears in good condition, increased comfort and social acceptability, and eliminating pet odor. Frequent and regular grooming makes your pet feel better too and has definite health benefits in cases like allergy and sensitive skin problems. A Day with our professional groomer might be just what your precious pooch needs! We provide grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats. We provide basic bath and brush that includes bathing with pet formulated shampoo, hair trims, toe nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. We also offer a custom design cut to your specifications, including body shaves and lion cuts. We also offer flea baths and tick dips as needed.

If your pet has a medical concern! Why not combine the visit and schedule your pet's grooming appointments around its doctor examination?

Grooming services are offered during regular hospital hours. Please call us at Australian Veterinary Hospital to schedule a grooming appointment for your pet. 



Grooming Policies:


Grooming services are available by appointment. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Grooming charges are based on the size of your dog, its breed, current coat condition and degree of matting, and specialized grooming needs unique to your pet. 



 Drop Off and Pick Up Times


Grooming pets should be dropped off on the day of their appointment depending on their scheduled grooming time. The groomer will meet with you to discuss any special needs you may have. You should plan to pick up your pet after 3:00 pm but before closing time at the end of the day.



Medical and Vaccination requirements


For your pet's safety and the safety of our other guests, we require that all grooming pets be current on vaccinations and free from internal and external parasites at the time of grooming. If Australian Veterinary Hospital has not provided these services, you will need to provide a proof that your pet is current on the following:


Dogs Requirements:       



 Bordetella (Kennel cough)   

 Free from external parasites or on flea prevention


 Cats Requirements:       



 Free from external parasites or on flea prevention


 We reserve the right to refuse grooming to any pet that does not meet these requirements.



 Payment Policy


Payment in full is due at the time of pick-up. We encourage you to ask for an estimate of the grooming services so that you are prepared when you arrive for pick up. We accept cash, checks with valid ID or driver's license, and credit cards; Master Card, and Visa.



Our Sedation Policy


Most of our grooming cats are sedated to prevent injury to the cat from excessive movement or to calm aggressive cats. However we will not sedate without your permission. Sedated patients are monitored by the vets.